Sunday, November 15, 2009

Don't Buy Dogs From Pet Stores

I beg you not to buy your next pet from a Pet Store where 95% of the dogs are coming from Puppy Mills. Puppy Mills are breeders who mass breed dogs for profit with no concern for the breeding dog's welfare. Go to any animal expert site like Humane Society and you will see that is where I get my 95% but I just ask you NOT TO BUY A DOG UNTIL YOU SEE FIRST HAND WHERE THE PARENT DOG LIVES AND HOW THEY ARE TREATED. Since the general manager of Chesterfield Mall claims the Pet Store at their mall and Mid Rivers Mall who apparently is owned by the same people have their breeders book readily available for the public to see I asked to see it one day. After much resistance the employee let me copy the names of the breeders and their license numbers on their note pad paper since I didn't have any paper. Some of the breeders didn't have license numbers. Just looking at the first 13 of the twenty breeders they use according to the Missouri Department of Agriculture reports they had 2935 dogs which is an average of 265 dogs each. I don't know about you but that is way too many dogs for one breeder to own in my books. One of the breeders had 751 dogs....and we wonder why Missouri is known as the #1 Puppy Mill State in the United States!!! Let's not forget Pet Stores are always telling you they are coming from loving homes. Yea Right!!! We all must take a stand against the horrible treatment of dogs in puppy mills. INSIST ON SEEING THE PARENT DOGA AND WHERE THEY LIVE AND HOW THEY ARE TREATED. These puppy mill breeders love to meet you somewhere so you don't see how they treat the parent dogs. It is beyond horrible and our family saw it first hand.

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alokseow said...

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