Monday, November 9, 2009

Stop Pet Food Abuse

By taking advantage of our Pet Food Rescue Program, you will be helping put an end to what we call - pet food abuse. Many pet owners unwittingly purchase pet foods with no thought in mind other than price and pretty packaging. With the number of recalls that are happening today, it is important that a trusted source like yourself direct the consumer in what to buy. Our products have never been recalled and provide a safe, nutritious solution. Why place a pet in a home where daily nutrition will be left to chance? There are many quality minded pet food manufacturers. Unfortunately, because of regulations that guide the pet food industry, those quality minded companies are hindered from telling customers the truth about their pet foods and treats. While you might expect pet food makers to use same quality/grade of meat that you purchase for your family; many use a grade of meat known as pet grade/quality. Despite Federal law, a pet grade of meat can be from any 4-D animal; an animal that is/was diseased, dying, dead, or disabled. Even though there is a huge quality difference between a ‘pet grade’ and ‘human grade’ of meat, existing pet food regulations do NOT allow a manufacturer to tell you which one they use.

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