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Breeders Used by Connecticut Pet Stores.........

Breeders used by CT Pet Stores
Based on testimony submitted to the
Task Force Concerning the Sale of Cats and Dogs at CT Pet Shops from Inhumane Origins
by Karen Rasmussen, Wilton, CT 12/4/2013
Research method
In Connecticut, a Certificate of Origin must accompany each dog sold or offered for sale in Connecticut pet shops. Such Certificate must identify the name and address of the breeder and broker of the dog, and be filed with the CT Department of Agriculture. CT Gen. Stat. 22-354 (b). The information listed in the Certificates is then plugged into USDA’s breeder and broker database to obtain the size of each operation and complete violation history. Photographs have been obtained from the USDA through FOIA.
This report provides an alphabetical listing of 335 breeders who had USDA violations during the period 2010 2012. Each breeder was used by at least one pet shop in Connecticut.
In 2012, over 600 breeders supplied Connecticut pet stores. 335 of these had USDA violations. 156 were unlicensed.

Adkins, Don & Kathleen 43A3998 2010
Anderson, Linda C. 42A0207 Disgusting reports 2010, 2011, 2012
Asmussen, Pam 46A0409 SIXTEEN violations at 5/12 pre-license inspection
Bagley Sr, Gary 43A5573 2010. Cancelled license 11/11, still selling retail as of 5/12 Bailey, Carroll 43B3609 2010, 2011, 2012
Baker, Linda 43A3415 2011.
Baker, Linda & James 73B0204 2003-2012
Baldwin, Pamela 43A4762 HSUS Horrible Hundred FINED 11K 4/13.
Barker, Wanda 71A0923 2011 + 3 Direct Violations 2013
Bauman, Leslie 63B0144 2011, 2012. Vet care, enclosures potentially dangerous
Beatty, Colleen 42A1382
Benson, Denise 47A0237
Injured dog paw
This poor dog at one of these facilities had a terrible eye infection not treated 

Bentley, Mickey 73A1326 2012 Fencing sharp wire in direct contact with dogs. Over 100 dogs at kennel Berhorst, Dan 43A3923 SIXTEEN Violations 2011. BROKER HUNTE CORPORATION.
Berntsen, Carleen 48A0907 2010, 2011, 2012
Beukelman, Allen 42A0408

Bex, Rebecca & Franks, Guy 73B1838 “First Class Puppies”. HSUS Horrible Hundred. 2012 BROKER HUNTE CORP.
Birchfield, Beatrice 73A0531 2011. BROKER HUNTE CORPORATION
Sheets of ceiling coming loose Cobwebs throughout facility Debris in building
Old feed bags filled w/garbage near dogs. Accumulated fecal matter under dog cages.
Blaes, Becky & John 48A1196 & 48A2142 2011. Over 300 dogs.
Good example of relatively clean facility that “warehouses” its dogs, with little or no human physical contact. Pet shop customers are not aware that this is how their puppies begin their lives, nor would they find it acceptable.
Blomberg, Kathie 43A1116 2010. Over 400 dogs.
Bolz, Yvette & Larry 48A1582 2012 including live insects in food. HSUS Horrible Hundred
Bonham, Harry & Wanda 43A4436 2010-2012
Drooping shade cloth providing little shade Sharp points on metal horse panel

Bonham, Brett 73A2637 2012 Broken wire flooring sharp, jagged points in direct contact with dogs. 300 dogs.
Another dog at one of these facilities had a huge wound on back 

Borntrager/Borntreger, Menno & Toby 42A1438 One of the worst, years of violations. Cancelled license 10/9/12. LICENSE PERMANENTLY REVOKED 5/13.
4 foot high pile of animal waste and debris. Excessive buildup of animal waste on floors

Dog with hair loss Excessive presence of soiled bedding and flies
Excessive presence of weeds
Dirt/bedding/dead flies in water receptacle
Boyd, Benita 71A1049
Two dogs with no form of shelter
Boyd, Marvin & Bonnie 43A4622 Grime on walls and doors
Brasher, Linda 71A0762
Bray, Summer 73A2416 2011, 2012
Brecheisen, Dorothy (Dot’s Little Doggies) 48A1755 10 & 11 reports, over 500 dogs
Above Shih tzu with matting over more than 50% of its body
Breedlove, Alisa 43A4023
Brennan, Tina 46A0270 2012 Oxytocin seven years past expiration date
Bridges, Mike & Barbara 63A0177 (Tennessee) 2010, 2011, 2012 Britez, Josh 23A0381 2011. Wire panel and wall structural issues Brooks, Betty 43A4048 2011
Brosch, Mary 47B0091 2010-12, with reports back to 2007. 4 dogs needing vet care, incomplete records, rusty panels in cages. 200 dogs.
Brown, Charles 71A0823 2011, 2012. Cancelled license 11/12
Brown, Sharon 43A5554 2011
Brown, Donna 43A3357
Grime on doors, broken sharp flooring
Broken sharp cages
Brown, Kathy 43A4939
Standing water, mud in pens, feeder with no cover, not enough shelters for number of dogs
Worn, chewed, green wood around cage doors
Sharp flashing, worn wood, green algae on supports
Damp caked food and hair mixture in feeder
Budden, Jan & Ken 42A1413 2011 & Official Warning 1/12 for repeated failure to ensure dogs for transportation in commerce are at least 8 weeks old.
Bundy, Jerry & Marlene 43A4893
Burkholder, Harvey 31A0061 2011 (HSUS Horrible Hundred) SELLING UNDERAGE PUPS. 9 indirect, 8 repeat, 2 direct violations in 2011. Burkholder’s veterinarian recommended giving several dogs with Grade 5  periodontal disease to “rescue group” after they weaned their pups. No other follow-up found. -
Rotted support post under cages soaked in urine & “organic material”
Burrier, Linda 31A0018 2010, 2011
Burrow, Myra 43A5503 & 43B3584 11 report Byl, Ari & Helen 42A0791
Grade 5 periodontal disease.
Another dog from one of these facilities with horrible eye infaection untreated. This is how THE PARENT DOGS ARE TREATED 

Campbell, Tommy & Theresa 42B0253
Cannon, Debra 73A1772
Canterbury Tails/Troy Wedel 48B0319 One of their brokers
Carlisle, Clair & Susan 48A1672 2011 No ID tags on most dogs. Inventory list missing dogs. Plastic shade material cracked. 100 dogs
Case, Lu & Jean 71A0727 Official Warning 2/13.
Chalfont, Darlene 73A2076 2011, 2012
Cochran, Jamie 43A4719 2012
Collins, Alexis & Greg 43A1721 Bulldog with eye issue
Collins, Bill 43A5513 2012
Colvin, Patricia
73A2074 2011 No bedding in 15 outside doghouses in January (Oklahoma)
Cox, Lou 43A1969 
Renner, John & Lyle 41A0248 Selling underage puppies to Fulton (broker). Fined 5k 1/13, HSUS Horrible Hundred. Reynolds, Susanne 48A2078 2012

Electrical wire in whelping cage. Note cigarette near Dirt/excreta in enclosure dog with newborn pups.
Riggs, Arin & Jason 46A0404 NO INSPECTIONS, repeatedly not at kennel since 2010.
Riley, Mark 43A4256
Rios, Valente 43A5652 14 pages of violations on 1/12, plus more in 2012. HSUS Horrible Hundred. 6 years of violations. From USDA report -
A 4-5 week old Maltese/Poodle appeared lethargic. Puppy had large buildup of fecal material around anal area,
dried & hard. Gums were pale, abdomen firm, he was warm to touch. Employee took to clean up. Upon return,
fecal matter had been removed, but tail had an open wound. A piece of sharp bone was protruding from middle
of wound and flesh was bright red. Licensee stated he had docked the puppy's tail 4-5 days ago.
When asked to explain how they perform this procedure, licensee stated they, "Dip the scissors in alcohol & cut
the tails off with scissors." When asked if he uses any type of anesthesia, or cleans the tail before amputating,
the licensee said, "No." When asked what he does if the puppies' tails bleed, he stated they, "Put a yellow
powder on it." When asked where they perform this procedure the licensee stated that they, "Do this in the
cage" the puppies are in.
In a nutshell, he was told by the inspector that this did not meet veterinary professional standards. That's IT.
Stephanie L. Osborne was the Animal Control Inspector, #5054, USDA APHIS Animal Care.
Side view of lethargic puppy with docked tail -
Roseberry, Sharon 48B0121 Official Warning 1/12. Cancelled license 8/12.
Rottinghaus, Audrey & Derrick (Wendy’s Pets) 48B0313 Years of reports. HSUS Horrible Hundred Rottinghaus, Krystal & Sandra (Kit’s Pets) 48A2120 Years of reports. HSUS Horrible Hundred Rottinghaus, Kelly 71B0138
Rowe, Patricia 43A2520 2010, 2011, 2012 (Direct Violation 1/11)

Most of the pictures that were in this report I choose not to use as it would make the every person just sick to their stomach of the abuse and neglect but some I thought you needed to see to get a glimpse of the abuse the parent dogs of those pet shop puppies must suffer and endure their entire lives !!!
This poor BREEDING DOG had massive hair loss that went untreated.
People you aren't saving the puppies at those pet stores simply condemning the parent dogs to a life of sheer HELL.....

Rozin, Keith & Joann 43A4116 & 5803 2011
Dog not bearing weight on front leg. No mention of feces under cage.
Sachse, Myrna 43A5337 2011 Matted Yorkshire Terriers
Sartin, Lynn 43A4843 2011, 2012 Dental
Litter of puppies, feet falling through cage floor
Scheulen, Gary 43A4527 2012
Schlabach, Leroy 31A0385 2011, 2012 Excessive accumulation of feces throughout facility, dog needing vet care.
Schlaback, Ida & Daniel 31A0412 -
Walnut sized firm mass in mammary gland Excessively thin dog

Schmucker, John 32B0210
2 rows of cages with puppies in too-small cages, some cannot even stand
Accumulated feces in washdown under cages.
Accumulated fur and grime along water lines.
Schrock, Moses 48A4116 2011, 2012
Only noted rusting at bottom of tin shelter
Open used syringes in whelping building
Schrock, Peter 48A1997 2011, 2012 Green drinking water
Green drinking water. Dog house duct-taped?
Schulte, Caroline 43A4748 2010, 2011, 2012.
Schwartz, Samuel 43A5566 2011
Scott, Gerry 43A4870
Seals, George & Jan 73A2038 Multiple 2010, 2011, 2012 Sellin, Yvonne 48A0388 2010, 2011, 2012.
Shaw-Zahourek, Peg 47A0571 2011
Sherrill, Kay 43B3564
Shetler, Atlee 31A0101 2011, 2012 Dental issues on 5/18/11. Has not been inspected again as of 5/13, not there 3 times in a row in 2012 & 2013.
Shetler, Myron 31A0393 2011, 2012 Also repeatedly not there for inspections.
Shine, Debbie 43A5583 Six violations 2012
Shold, Sue 42A1299 2011, 2012. Broker Hunte Corporation
Shelters for dogs -
Excessive feces in cage Matted Yorkie 
Shubert, Angela 63B0175 2011 Slagley, Rhonda 71A0693
Slobe, Kathy 43A3549 2011.
Smith, Glenn 73A2119 2010
Smith, Larry & Gertrude 43A3061 2010 Snidow, Julie 43A3124 2011.

Snyder, Deborah & Smoot, Doug 48A2003 2011 Sonnenberg, Michelle 41A0021 2011, 2012 Standridge, Peggy 71A1048 2012
Stark, Timothy & Alliesa 71A1251 2010, 2011, 2012 Steiber, Theresa & Alan 42A1445 2012

Storey Cole 71A1044
4 Yorkshire Terriers identified with severe hair loss (including nursing female). Grime on cages.
Stoll, Stephen 32A0249 2012 Straight, Fran & Jim 43A5789 Stutzman, Floyd 42A0997 Rusty feeder
Dog with hair loss and red bumps
Swanson, Scott & Hyman, Dave 42A1003 2010, 2011 Swartzentruber, Paul & Josie
Swenson-Sawyer, Sherrye 41B0161 2011
Taylor, Theresa 71A1247

Thomas, Lashell & Noah 42A1454 2012
Thomas, Lori 48B0329 11-12 reports. Over 1,000 dogs. Chewed wood in whelping box with sharp screw
Dirty, rusted food receptacle
Shih-tzu with hair loss
Chihuahua with excessively long nails
Evidence of rodent activity
Hair trapped in cage wires
Severe matting on dog
Thorp, Linda 42A1140 Dead dachshund found by USDA inspector.
Decreased ventilation, strong ammonia odor inside Old feces stuck in bottom of cage

Puppy ear cropped by licensee Schnauzer puppy found dead by USDA
Medication kept in baby food jar. Both eyes sunken w/discharge. Excessive fecal material in cage.
Troyer, Marlin 31A0185 Multiple 2011. Use of medications without vet guidance. Intentionally falsifying records so puppies will appear older
Troyer, Betty & Emanuel 31A0184 2011, 2012
Troyer, Reuben 31A0197 2011 and Official Warning 6/5/12

Urbanec, Paul 47A0540 2010-2012 Terrible
Wagler, Henry 32A0244 10 violations 2012 (4 Repeat, 1 Direct).
Excessive feces under cages Overgrown nails

Drinking water Dog house with sharp edges, no wind/rain break
Wagler, Nicholas 32A0285 No report 2012, 2 violations 2013 Wagler, Owen 32A0339 2011
Wagler, Darrell & Marlene 32A0364 2012
Wagler, Henry & Amos 32A0244 TEN VIOLATIONS 2012. Wagler, John & Betty 48A2108 2010, 2011

Walls, Melissa & Roger 73A2655 Awful 3/12 prelicense inspection, bad 12/12
Walter, Brenda 43B0425 94 State violations, HSUS 2010 Missouri Dirty Dozen list. “Crimped” tails of 4 pups infected.
Warren, Deb 43A3278
Watts, Gerald 71A1095
Clutter and filth throughout kennel. Note syringes on right and on sink area below left.

Puppies feet falling through cage floor
Wehling, Mark 42A1443 2012
Accumulation of discarded materials adjacent to kennel
West, Connie 73A1872 Puppies walking in feces. HSUS Horrible Hundred. Fined $1200 6/13 Westercamp, Gina 42A1147 2010, 2011
White, Brenda 48A2090 201
White, Norissa 43A2711 2011
Excessive hair/feces in enclosure
Chihuahua with eye issue
Williams, Jacklyn 43A5667 2011
Williams, Tammy 43A3721 2011 including 1 Direct Violation. Official Warning 2/13. Multiple dogs with no identification, matting and eye problems
Cages and boxes in which dogs spend their entire lives at the Williams’ kennel
Williamson, Judith 47A0084 (Loyal, Loving & True Kennel) 2011-2012 Willis, Margaret 43A4850
Winkelman, John (Osage Kennels) 43A4667 2012 disgusting
Wittmer, Timothy 32A0427 2012
Wolfe, Mike 48A2005 2012. Official Warning 4/13
Woodley, Clark & Amy 43A4512 “Dreamland Kennel” Sick squinting puppy
Weeds along wall of dog enclosures
Broken sharp wire in cages
Rodent droppings on floor
Rodent droppings on humidifier
Open bag of feed
Wortman, Doug & Debbie 43A4225
Wright, Ramona 43B0082 2011
Yach, Jeff 43A4031 2011 (Cats)
Yates, Janelle 43A5324 Rarely there for inspections Heat index 113.5 degrees (98.9 real temp)
Same inspection, 2 Doxies with bone dry water bowl
Interior, above cages
Exterior of whelping house. Excessive feces etc.
Ceiling in whelping house rust and mold
Dead mouse in food receptacle
Mouse feces in refrigerator covered floor
Puppy standing in food bowl after walking on feces-
Thin dog with hip bones protruding Exterior enclosure with excessive feces
Yoder, Abe 31A0420 HSUS Horrible Hundred, Poodle w/broken jaw from previous report. Yoder, Andy E. 31A0396 2011, 2012
Yoder, Leah 23A0247 2011, not there for 2012 inspection
Yoder, Leroy 31A0375 2010, 2011, 2012 (ASPCA pics)

Yoder, Myron 31A0104 2010
Yoder, Owen R. 31A0198 2011, 2012 HSUS Horrible Hundred. Official Warning 8/12
Owen R. Yoder - Puppies’ feet falling through gaps in wire flooring (multiple)
Yoder, Andy 31A0396
Excessive matting Excessive matting

Yoder told inspector he kept hunting dogs only in these cages Eye of Scottie covered in green crusty substance
Yoder, Christ 31A0401 2010, 2011, 2012 and Official Warning 2/13
Yoder, Mabel & Jonas 31B0159 2012 (Direct violation
3 dogs needing vet care) Yoder, Menno 31A0357 2011, multiple 2012.
Washdown drain under cages -

Yoder, Aden 31A0178 2011 (Direct violation), 2012
Young, Sara 71A0676 2011, 2012. HSUS Horrible Hundred. Violations back to 2007. BROKER HUNTE CORP.
Not enough dog houses for number of dogs in cage.
Pomeranian large mats/dried fecal material on rear
Mouse droppings where bulk food is stored
Dog with wounds & hair loss
Zeilstra, Tom 43A5741 2011, 2012
Zimmerman, Lavern 61A0139 2010, 2011, 2012 Zimmerman, Marlin 23A0268 HSUS Horrible Hundred Zuspann, Ruth 43A1013 

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Carin Rae said...

I've always wondered whether my 8 year old mini-dachshund came from a puppy mill because she has so many medical problems. I must confess that we bought her from a pet store that is now out of business. Her papers read that she came from Doug & Debbie Wortman 43A4225. Her birthday is 4/4/06. I see this "breeder" is on your list but I can't seem to find out more about the Wortman's establishment. Can you point me in the rigth direction to hopefully discover that Wortman is no longer in business. Also, how / where do you recommend volunteering to end this Hell. I live in Maryland.