Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pit Bull Saves Little Boy From Attacking Bees .....

Pit Bull Saves Little Boy From Attacking Bees, Family Says
OREGON CITY, Ore. (KPTV/CNN) -- An Oregon family says their pit bull is a hero.

It all started when some kids stepped on a bee hive while walking in the woods.

Jesse-Cole Shaver, 8, was with his sisters and other neighborhood kids, exploring a creek down a steep embankment behind their Oregon City apartment complex, when one of the kids stepped into a rotten log, unleashing swarms of bees.

Jesse-Cole's big sister Jasmine was stung five times - in what could have been a deadly encounter because she's allergic to bees. She got two injections from an EpiPen to prevent her body from swelling in reaction to the stings.

"It felt like a bunch of needles went into my skin, and I didn't know what was going on until the girl started yelling, 'Bees!'," Jasmine said.

Little Jesse-Cole was stung at least 24 times.

He couldn't make it back up this hill to safety on his own. But luckily, their pit bull Hades came to the rescue.

"Hades saw me and came and she dragged me up to the grass and then stopped and let me crawl on her back and then took me to mom," Jesse-Cole said.

"I just heard a bunch of screaming, then I saw my dog dragging my son up by his pants," his mom said.

Freshly home from the hospital, Jesse-Cole is hugging his dog a little tighter.

Their mother says even in the hospital, doctors were pulling bees out of their hair.

And if it weren't for a little help from Hades, "A couple of these kids could have got really sick or died, I'm sure of it," she said.

Hades was also stung several times, but the good news: both the dog and the kids are home and doing just fine.

They say they won't be going down that trail behind their apartment complex ever again.

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