Friday, August 1, 2014

Cocker Spaniel Resources, Inc. Is A Fantastic Organization Helping Cocker Spaniels


Sponsoring a Cocker Spaniel is so easy. Maybe you’re not living in a location where you can have a pet of your own, or maybe your busy schedule means having a pet is not in the cards. When you choose to sponsor one of our incredible Cockers you will be part of his/her life, but CSR takes care of all the day to day nurturing and needs with the generous help of your financial support.
When you choose to sponsor a Cocker at CSR, we send you a Certificate of Caring. The certificate has a picture of the dog you will be supporting and a message on how your generosity is helping the Cocker.
We rely on kind-hearted people like you who want to give by either one-time sponsorship gifts or on-going for several months or years at a time.
Here are some examples of things you can do to sponsor a Cocker:
- $5.00 pays for one dose of dewormer
- $10.00 buys two doses of dewormer (2 doses are needed to destroy worms)
- $15.00 buys flea and tick protect
- $20.00 buys one month of Heartgard for heatworm prevention
- $40.00 pays for 4 Cocker food for one month
- $100.00 pays for a heartworm positive treatment for a dog.
- One-time Monetary donation
Please contact us with any questions you have about sponsoring one of our Cockers and we’ll work with you to find the opportunity that fits best for you.Wisconsin Dept of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (WDATCP) 271893-



Jan DeCraene

Founder & President
Masters of Science Education: educator for 32 years in WI been rescuing cocker spaniels since 1978. Involved with humane societies in various capacities since 1976.

Susan Benish

Vice President
Paralegal for GE Government Finance, Inc. in the twin cities.
Sue has been involved with CSR since 2009. She adopted one of the famous Bedford dogs and currently cares for 3 CSR cockers.

Dawn Fleming

Dawn is a nationally certified veterinary technician and has been involved with humane societies and veterinary care since 1990′s. She has been with CSR since 2007.

Brandon Holleran

Brandon is a nationally certified dog trainer and behaviorist. He works as a dog behaviorist at Animal Humane Society MN and is a former PETCO dog trainer.

Rita Seiding

Office manager at Braden Construction in Houlton WI. Rita has been part of CSR’s Golden Age Cocker Retirement almost since its inception. She cared for Miss Mae, an elder cocker, by administering IV fluids to her as her kidneys failed.

MaryPat Maher

MaryPat has a Master’s in Social Work and has worked with other nonprofit organizations since 1988. She has a long-time love of Cocker Spaniels, having been raised around them as a child and received the first of her very own on her 18th birthday (he lived to be 15 years of age). Her second Cocker also lived to be 15 and was a Valentine’s Day gift from her husband. MaryPat has now adopted Harry.

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