Sunday, January 18, 2015

60 Dogs Saved From A Suspected Hog-Dog Fighting Breeding Ground

It's the second full week of January and already your support is helping animals in desperate need. This time you've brought us to Cottonwood, Alabama, to rescue approximately 60 dogs from a suspected hog-dog fighting breeding ground.
Hog-dog fighting is what it sounds like. Dogs are bred and trained to tear apart screaming, trapped, terrified hogs while spectators -- who place bets on the outcome -- cheer.
But this is why your Animal Rescue Team is here -- to save animals from unimaginably cruel and life-threatening situations. If you can, please give your emergency gift to help care for these dogs and others like them.
Animal Rescue Team
Our team was alerted to this alleged operation and we immediately began investigating. When the dogs' conditions were discovered to be worse than expected, and with temperatures rapidly dropping, we had to act fast.
Animal Rescue Team
Many of the dogs here are severely emaciated -- some with nothing more than a plastic barrel for shelter.
Animal Rescue Team
Animal Rescue Team
In 2005, we helped to pass a law to crack down on hog-dog fighting in Alabama, and it could be that it will provide grounds for additional charges in this case. Fortunately, these 60 dogs won't have to live a horrible life of fighting.
It is likely that most of the dogs will need months of round-the-clock medical attention and rehabilitation. Please help us give a second chance to these and the hundreds of animals in our care.
Thank you for helping ensure that we will never turn our backs on animals in need with your past, present and future support.

Chris Schindler
Manager, Animal Fighting Investigations
The Humane Society of the United States

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