Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This Is What Rescues See Way Too Often.....

We try very hard to rescue without judgement. Very hard. Sometimes it's as hard of a test as the rescues themselves. Sometimes it eats at you, from the inside out filling you with every emotion at once. Anger. Confusion. Heart break and thankful that help is on the horizon.
This afternoon, I got a call about a female pug who had been put into a cardboard box and taped shut and left outside the front gates of a local shelter in the rain. The shelter is closed on weekends... On the box was a note from the owners. It mentioned her name, how she had been diagnosed with "red mange" and they didn't have the money to treat her. They made the (bad) decision to put her in a box and tape it closed and leave her outside the front gates of the shelter in the hopes that someone else could help her. She stresses in the note that she's sure this girl is suffering and is dying and doesn't want her daughter to wake up to a dead pug. Then drove off. 

Ever see a photo that immediately makes you burst into tears? My heart is broken tonight for the little girl in the box. Cold, wet, confused and completely uncomfortable from the disease that she never asked for. They depend on us to love them and get them the care they need. Tonight, she gets that.
Every emotion flooded my body. Hurt quickly turned to anger. I had to force myself to see past the red and focus on the healing that this baby needs. I ask that you do the same. It's too easy to focus on the anger. 
Thanks to a group of wonderful people, this baby is currently on her way to Pug Plantation. We have called Doc and made her aware and she will be getting immediate care.
Thank you to Susan for letting us help, Teresa for calling me, Tina for picking her up and meeting Jeremy and Barbara and to those of you who have already sent donations for her care. This baby deserves the world. Her life begins tonight! 
If you're interested in helping with the costs, our PayPal is She will be cared for by Dr Deming and donations can be called in there during business hours at 731-300-3344.
Marianne B is getting her a safe place set up at the plantation in quarantine. I will keep you all posted. 
Hold your babies tight tonight. No animal should be left unattended this long to get this bad. 

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