Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Another Amazing Dog Rescue Story

I Just Adore Animal Rescuers !!!
I am absolutely always amazed at how animal rescue people always go above and beyond to help animals in need. I just got a phone call from a relative in a small town that was really worried about five puppies a person in town had living on a porch in a dog house with straw. The puppies were 8 weeks old and needed homes fast as the weather was dropping to freezing weather. Well my mom was going out of town so she couldn't foster any of them until she got back in town. She posted the situation on a volunteer page with a local rescue group that she adores and within 2 hours the puppies had fosters all lined up. Not only did the fosters come through but one of the gals in the group offered to drive 7 hours round trip to pick up the puppies so they didn't have to endur the cold temperatures tomorrow. Mom's cousin was going to drive them up but couldn't get them here until Saturday and this sweet, caring women was very concerned about the pups in this weather. This families dog who had these pups adored the mom dog and wanted to keep her but promised my mom they would spay their dog as soon as she was ready. Here a couple pictures of some of these precious pups.

 It is always humbling to me to see how many people in rescue go so above and beyond to help animals in need and support each other in this effort. Animal Rescue people are a diverse group who have people from all walks of life and professions. Mistakenly puppy millers love to try to label anyone who cares about animals as tree huggers and they are grossly dead wrong. I know lawyers, extremely successful business owners, teachers, salespeople and the list could go on and on who are passionate about ANIMAL WELFARE. This is one group who is a force that can move mountains and will go to the ends of the earth to save an animal in need. My family is so proud to be one of them and consider themselves blessed to be fellow compassionate animal rescuers. 
Hudson just wants to say THANK YOU AGAIN TO ALL THE RESCUERS WHO WORK SO TIRELESSLY TO HELP ANIMALS IN NEED and especially Michelle ( the driving machine). GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU !!!

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