Friday, January 9, 2015

This Is Animal Cruelty Plain and Simple But No Death Threats Should Of Been Made

UPDATE: Panama City grandmother fights animal cruelty charges for puppy hanging photo
According to Wednesday's NewsHerald in Panama City, Florida, the grandmother who was charged with animal cruelty in August, after a Facebook photo was posted of two young girls who used a clothesline pulley and a jump rope wrapped around their Jack Russell dog's lower torso and suspended him upside down in a vehicle, continues her fight against the allegations.
Loretta Bozeman, 41, faces a first degree animal cruelty misdemeanor charge. Records indicate she was appointed a state defender. A court appearance is scheduled for February.
The mother of the children has since defended her young daughters by explaining they were playing "animal rescue" based on a show they had seen on Animal Planet where a dog was rescued using a pulley device to hoist it out of a deep ravine. The children were laughing in the photo as the small dog dangled helplessly from one of the car latches above the door.
The grandmother apologized on social media, after the mother of the young girls tried to explain the situation. The public was outraged that the young children were laughing at an animal being cruelly treated. The dog named Charlie was not injured and had been removed from the home and brought to Animal Control.
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The family has received more than 500 death threats. Springfield Police Chief Philip Thorne has urged animal advocates to be respectful of the legal system. There has been no information released if the dog was returned to the family.
Source: Examiner/ Jan 8
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