Monday, March 2, 2015

Kitten Dies of Toxic Poisoning After Russian Writer Dyes Her Shocking Pink ...

A Russian writer's kitten died from toxic poisoning months after the defenseless little ball of fluff was dyed shocking pink to accommodate a "pink themed" party held by her owner, reports the DailyMail. 
Lenina stated the kitten was healthy when she gave her away. The vet treating the sick kitten stated she died of toxic poisoning after she was dyed bright pink.
Instagram/ EuroPics (Cen) screenshot

The kitten was the main attraction for writer Lena Lenina 's ‘pretty in pink party’ where all the guests had to wear pink. Eyewitnesses at the party, stated the cat was going crazy that evening trying to lick off the dye which had allegedly been irritating her skin. When Lenina tried to cuddle with the kitten at the affair, the cat struggled to run away.
Guests were critical of her decision to dye the cat, but Lenina defended her obsession stating:
"The pink color was especially chosen for its healing properties and also strengthens the cat’s hair. My vet told me it was a beneficial addition to him."
On her Instagram account, Lenina said a hairdresser friend of hers dyed the cat. The cat's color matched her long, fake pink nails.
When media attention died out, Lenina gave the kitten away, and within months it became very ill. The veterinarian caring for the kitten stated the kitten had licked the toxic dye to the extent it poisoned her body. The kitten died.
Russian artist artist Yuri Kuklachev described the stunt as cruel. A petition has garnered several thousand signatures asking authorities to charge Lenina with animal cruelty.

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