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USDA Inspectors Are Turning A Blind Eye On Puppy Mills ....


USDA Inspectors Are Turning a Blind Eye.
You Can Help Us Take Action!

Amos and David Diener, McLeansboro, IL
Beagle with very long nails.

Photo taken by USDA inspector on 6/11/13;
USDA license revoked on 1/8/14.
Dear CAPS Supporter,

I have something serious to report. Our ongoing in-depth research and investigations demonstrate that USDA continues to have minimal concern for dogs and cats suffering in mills and for puppies and kittens being transported to pet shops and sold over the Internet. This is despite a scathing Office of Inspector General Report generated by a meeting between CAPS and OIG.

If you are a CAPS donor, you should be receiving my letter outlining our findings, including disturbing USDA Inspection Reports. Amos and David Diener, Amish breeders in McLeansboro, Illinois (33-A-0525), were the most shocking. Thankfully, USDA reached an agreement with them to relinquish their license in January 2014 but not before dogs suffered and died. It also took six months after the last inspection for an agreement to be reached.

Between June 2012 and July 2013, the Diener’s inspector cited them for the following:
  • No air conditioning in temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Poodle that had been violently killed by other dogs (employee saw blood but didn’t investigate);
  • Beagle with labored breathing and enlarged abdomen (Dieners claimed they didn’t know she was pregnant and hadn’t sought vet care for her) who later delivered four stillborn puppies;
  • Dieners’ admission that they had killed six to seven dogs with metal pipes.
I urge you to Donate Now and help us compel the USDA to enforce the Animal Welfare Act by complying with the stringent recommendations of the OIG report.

Deborah A. Howard
PS: Please download the USDA letter and photo sheets below to learn more!

CAPS video stills and USDA photos demonstrate USDA’s blatant disregard for animals suffering in mills.
Amos and David Diener, McLeansboro, IL
Poodle found dead in enclosure by USDA inspector after being viciously killed by other dogs.

Photo taken by USDA inspector on 6/11/13;
USDA license revoked on 1/8/14.

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