Thursday, March 5, 2015

What Is Wrong With The Human Race ???

FREESTONE COUNTY (March 3, 2015) Nine pit bulls, one of them pregnant with eight puppies, were found shot to death on an Interstate 45 access road and deputies are looking for the person who shot them.
Landowner Tonja Vasquez said she found the dogs and was determined to find out how they died.
A local veterinarian confirmed the dogs were in good health when they were shot and one of them was pregnant.

"They were all in good shape," Dr. Joe Bennett said.
"As they were pits you think about them as fighting one (another), but there were no bite marks on these dogs and their coats were good," he said.
"It's just real bad. The cruelty is going to have to stop," Vasquez said.
"Whatever they did they could have been properly put to rest, you know, put down, and someone took it upon themselves to just shoot all these dogs … they shot them all in the head."
Vasquez and a group of volunteers gathered on Sunday to bury the dogs on her property and mark their graves with sticks.
"This is cruel. This is an act of cruelty and these dogs didn't deserve what they got," Vasquez said.
"This is inhumane and I just wanted to give them our respect and show them there are people who care about them and I know in Jesus' name that they are in heaven and I know right that they are resting. They are resting," she said.
Vasquez told News 10 she has notified the Freestone County Sheriff's Office and deputies are looking into the incident.

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