Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Dog's Tail: Rollie a pointer mix....

Rollie was rescued by Andrea at Jazzin' Round Rescue in Lewisburg, TN. I don't know when. I don't know where he was before he was with Andrea. I know that since he has been with Andrea he has gained confidence, in part through good health: he doesn't have worms or other parasites gnawing away at him. His tummy is filled with good food. He has rescue buddies to play with and security and comfort and a warm bed at night.
All the things that Andrea does not have anymore. She has had more bad luck than one person should have in a lifetime. First, she lost her job. Then part of her house burned. She says: The fire melted everything in the kitchen (ie computer, printer, monitor, microwave, etc), burst out windows and the ceiling fan, bubbled the paint on the walls, and broke out the glass in the stove. Lots of heat and smoke damage. It killed my two personal dogs and several rescues. The rest of the house was, mainly, not effected other than smoke damage. No one can believe it - they thought it smacked of someone setting it and then putting it out. I saw no evidence of anything being sprayed to put out the fire and was just devastated to lose my two kids and the rescues! This house was built around 1935 - should have went up like a tinderbox - there is no rhyme or reason why the whole place did not burn but, that is what happened. I could still stay in it but have to use a cooler for milk, etc. I had a microwave donated to me so I can 'cook'.
After the fire, her property was foreclosed on. We have seen a lot of foreclosures. We have seen and helped many dozens of dogs who were left behind in locked rooms, tied up in back yards, dumped on a road, or some were brought to the shelter even if it was via the drop box at night.
The difference here is that the time of the fire, Andrea had 40 dogs in her rescue. Individuals who have suffered foreclosure don't usually have 40 dogs to care for. We can endure and suffer anything as long as our dogs are safe. So Andrea put it out on her website that the dogs had to be rehomed or into other rescues by the middle of May.
The months dragged on, with Andrea "camped" out in the parts of the house still habitable, caring for the dogs, hoping every day just one or two would find forever homes. She waited and hoped. We posted the dogs over and over and over. A few were moved. But not enough were moved. PLS
Rollie is one. There is not a thing wrong with this dog. He's in perfect shape. He is not a dog who needs lots of medical attention. He's UTD and he's neutered. He is a great, loving breed. He is young, a year and a half. Just achieving his emotional maturity. He is a wise soul in a young body. He has everything to offer. He likes to be busy but he will chill with you while you watch t.v. He will "talk" to get your attention! He is very well mannered!
Can you give Rollie what Andrea doesn't even have for herself right now? A home, regular meals, a place to sleep? And love him forever? You can't go wrong with Rollie. Take this wise soul into your loving arms. You will never regret it.
Contact Andrea now.
• Jazzin Around Rescue
• Lewisburg, TN
• 931-276-2550

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