Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Puppy Mill Rescues

An Update from the Field ….
Dear Members and Friends,
We received this update from our colleagues who were in Missouri this past Saturday, picking up ‘throwaway’ dogs from puppy mills, dogs who would otherwise be sold at auction or killed. This is the second transport of our ongoing Pup My Ride program, in which we are getting dogs out of puppy mills and taking them to areas where they’ll be sure to find a home … their very first!
These kinds of miracles would not happen without your generous support.
We need your help to make sure the dogs we’re rescuing get to where they deserve to be! For every $50 we raise, one dog will be lifted out of the misery and will start a new chapter full of adventure and happiness. Your dollars go to help transport unwanted puppy mill dogs to shelters and rescue groups where they will be spayed or neutered, given medical care and placed in forever homes.This is just one way Best Friends is closing the book on puppy mills through our national Puppies Aren't Products campaign. With your help, we can save lives and realize our shared dream of No More Homeless Pets.
To find out up to the minute news on this current rescue, please visit our site.
Every dog deserves love, good care, and lots of fun. Give a special gift to save dogs living in puppy mills today!
From the field on Saturday…
“Wanted to send a quick update to let you know how things are going out here in MO.
The short version is, really well! The team is great--we've got about 15 staff and volunteers here. You should all be very proud of the people you have here in the field. They are all working hard and doing a great job, like a well-oiled machine.
We have about 40 dogs here now, and are getting 47 more from one woman (who has 1,000 dogs) and then there will be 12 more coming this evening. Three more stops tomorrow and we're on target for the 150 dogs and puppies expected from the beginning. Many of the dogs we have now are older and/or special needs. We're seeing the typical issues of bad teeth, bad skin, cloudy eyes… one little poodle has no lower jaw, and two dogs (a maltese and Cocker) have huge inguinal hernias. We have five puppies that were returned by the broker for various reasons-- three cockapoo puppies that apparently aren't "poo" enough (they look like purebred cocker spaniels) and two other “designer” breeds.
We're in a lull now as we wait for the 47 to arrive. I think it will be the last lull until we're on the drive!”
Remember, the very latest on these special dogs as well as a video of our latest rescue is on our website.
Thank you for all that you do to help vulnerable animals!
The staff and animals of Best Friends Animal Society
P.S. Please forward this email to your friends and family to help spread the word about this issue and the work of Best Friends. As more people understand the link between puppy mills and pet stores, more people are opting for adopting, diminishing business for puppy mills. Commercial breeders are handing over more dogs than we can transport at one time. That’s why we need your help so we can continue these transports on a regular basis!
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knooch42 said...

We live right outside of Saint Louis and would be interested in contacting someone to assist in transporting some dogs.

I would sincerely be interested in attending a puppy mill auction. Is there anyone I can contact regarding this?

We are part of a rescue group(Paws For Consideration) currently fostering 2 puppy mill dogs, and are appalled at what they have endured. On the positive side, it is a joy to see them learn to play, trust, relax and simply just be dogs.