Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Alliance Speaks Spring 2012 newspaper for Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation

According to the Alliance Speaks the Missouri Department of Agriculture Increases Enforcement Efforts
A lot of credit goes to the state department of agriculture which has dramatically stepped up enforcement efforts of the Animal Care Facilities Act as well as the new Canine Cruelty Prevention Act. The department has recently hired more inspectors ( which last count Hudson had was 13 for the entire state) four more than was reported in 2008, and added an investigator and a full-time veterian. More importantly, the Department under the leadership of Dr. Jon Hagler has noticeably re-focused its efforts on making the welfare of the dogs a priority. These efforts have resulted in a substantial increase in number of citations. Hudson would love to know that number if anyone has it as so many need to be done. Such actions are responsible for the closure of many inhumane puppy mills. We still have tons to go to even begin to make a difference. Missouri is the #1 Worst Puppy Mill State in the country.
Shame on Missouri for allowing this to happen at the expense of so many breeding dogs who suffer everyday at the hands of these greedy, heartless, backwards thinking rednecks who don't have a conscious :(

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