Thursday, May 3, 2012

Caroline Viola writes. When we understand just how much money the AKC gets from online registration, we see WHY they are hesitant to support any attempts to change. The unsuspecting customer believes that when a pet store says, "our puppies are AKC registered", they believe all is well. The AKC does NOT verify health, living conditions OR breeding practices. They only state that the puppy register... ONLINE is a purebred. That's a LOT of money AKC gets from these houses of horror. Pet stores decieve people BIG TIME and this is why we need to keep outting the info AND the photos and videos out there. It is not to be gratuitous that we show what goes on, but to show the truth. Only when people see with their own eyes will they scream, "I had no idea this is what really goes on" and they will support our efforts.

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