Sunday, May 13, 2012

Way to go Missouri Department of Agriculture and Chris Koster

Morgan County dog breeder cited by Missouri Attorney General
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Missouri's attorney general has stepped in and filed a lawsuit against a Barnett dog breeder. Attorney General Chris Koster claims Lisa Oldendorf, who owns Oldendorf Boxer, violated a number of provisions of the Animal Care Facilities Act and the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act.
The attorney general's office is asking a Morgan County judge to grant a temporary restraining order, preliminary and permanent injunction and civil penalties.
Koster, in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Agriculture, alleges Oldendorf operated the commercial breeding facility without a license, failed to provide an adequate waste disposal and drainage system in the sheltered kennel building, failed to identify her dogs or keep records of their identification and allowed the ambient air temperature to fall below 45 degrees.
Koster also alleges Oldendorf failed to failed to maintain an effective program for the control of insects and rodents and failed to keep the concrete floors in the indoor and outdoor portion of the sheltered facility impervious to moisture.

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