Friday, May 18, 2012

Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation

According to the The Alliance Speaks newsletter :

Public Awareness Helps Decrease Puppy Mills
Increased national awareness of puppy mills and where pet store puppies come from is also making a considerable difference here in Missouri. Consumer outrage over sick puppies purchased from pet stores, combined with the educational work of dedicated animal advocates across the country, has raised the public's knowledge of puppy mills and has brought needed attention to the issue. As the public becomes more aware of the conditions under which many pet store puppies are raised, pet stores have come under pressure to change their business practices. now the USDA inspection reports are online, it is easy to learn the conditions of the breeding facilities where pet store puppies come from. In addition, it makes it easier to trace the origin of the sick puppies sold in pet stores. Several animal welfare groups have even documented the conditions at many breeding facilities with photographs and videos and trace the puppies in specific pet stores across the country. Such exposes, along with reports from consumers who purchased sick puppies, have led to protests and media stories exposing the pet stores like PAMPERED PETS who was owned by OVELLA LANGE and whose own son runs a "rescue" in the very facility that she had so many violations and cs still selling cruelty to animal inspections that her breeding license was taken away from her for 5 years. She had to sell all her animals and give up her business due to all the violations and cruel and inhumane practices. Now her son lives in her basement and runs a "rescue" out of the same facility and he even at one point was one of her store managers. REALLY and we wonder why our state is the WORST PUPPY MILL STATE IN THE NATION. Here is why folks............. Throughout the country sick puppies are being traced back to Missouri breeders.
   As a result, numerous pet stores have been listening to peoples concerns and have STOPPED SELLING PUPPIES. Petco and PetSmart are leaders in refusing to sell puppies and supporting rescues. Hudson highly recommends everyone using these stores for you pet needs. Petland is still selling puppies from horrible breeders who have tons and tons of violations and cruelty to animal inspection reports. In Hudson's opinion NO ONE SHOULD EVER GIVE PETLAND ANY BUSINESS UNTIL THEY STOP SELLING PUPPIES !!!!

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