Monday, June 18, 2012

Canine Cruelty Prevention Act

The new regulations to fully implement the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act ( CCPA) have been finalized and contain the following defination for examinations; " Examination means a complete physical evaluation from head to tail of a covered dog or cat by a licensed veterinarian to include auscuitation, palpation, and visual inspection in which the heart rate, respiratory rate, breeding soundness, and the results of palpation are assessed and recorded as indicated on the forms provided," This provision is very significant and is essential to help ensure the health and welfare of breeding dogs. Many of these dogs are repeatedly bred and live under very stressful conditions. To promote their well-being, the Alliance insisted that a requirement for an annual veterinary examination of each dog is written into the new CCPA. The dog breeders' efforts to weaken this provision have failed. The long practice of paying vetinarians to simply walk through the barns and kennel buildings, without ever actrually taking the dogs out of their cages to exam them to verify that the dogs are healthy, is coming to an end. The attending veterinarians will now be required to perform a thorough hands-on physical examination. An adequate veterinary examination is crucial to ensure the welfare of dogs in MASS breeding establishments. My concern is that the same INSENSITIVE VETS who along with the slimmy puppy millers don't care about the horrible and inhumane conditions these poor dogs are under. I've watched a vet at a puppy mill auction go from cage to cage of the most beaten down, broken dogs who were so petrified of people and full of open deep wounds that the vet put every dog was fine to sell. Then you've got these vets who work with numberous questionable breeders. I am going to post a list of VETS and who what breeder or pet store they work with soon......
Once again this Act is all fine and good but if it isn't enforced by the MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE then it is only as good as the paper it is written on.

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