Thursday, June 21, 2012

Committment For Life

Go to any shelter for one day and listen to the most ridiculous excuses you'll ever hear for DUMPING their loyal family pet off and turning their back on them. It is so sad as that dog is absolutely confused, scared and can't figure out why the family they adore has abandon them. Most of the time it is because the family is crappy dog owner to no fault of their own. Dog Traineers are very reasonable and will come to your home to train your dog and you. I have an excellent trainer listed on this blog. My mom just walked the most gentle, incredible trained chocolate lab at Five Acre Animal Shelter who was just turned in yesterday by it's family. She couldn't believe how loving, smart and well mannered this beautiful CHESTER was. Please think LONG and HARD before GIVING UP AND DESERTING YOUR FAMILY PET !!!

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