Thursday, June 14, 2012

Poor Lennox.......

Lennox’s family’s historic fight against Breed Specific Legislation continues

Lennox in his cell, in an undisclosed location
Millions of people waited on baited breath yesterday on the final ruling from the Northern Ireland's most senior judges that rejected Caroline Barnes legal bid to overturn an order for the destruction of her pet dog, Lennox. The case will now move from Belfast to a higher court in England.
The now seven-year-old Lennox was seized by City Council officials in May 2010 under the Belfast breed specific legislation (BSL) law.
BSL rulings are responsible for the deaths of millions of dogs every year worldwide. Dogs that are seized under the state or countries BSL policy become a prisoner of breeding (POB), because the dog becomes a piece of evidence in a court case. The family’s rights are stripped and they have no rights to their dog. The dogs become a ward of the court that makes all decisions on the welfare of POB.
Most of the main stream media have refused to cover this historic BSL case, but this has not stopped the millions of Lennox followers and lovers from following his family’s fight. Social media and the Save Lennox website have allowed the public to stay informed and connected with this historic BSL case.
Once a dog is seized under BSL and becomes a POB, the legal fight can bankrupt most families and many POB are then released to the court and destroyed because the families cannot afford to fight the BSL and all the housing and legal fees that can pile up quickly.
Lennox, through DNA testing was found to be a mix breed, but because his looks fall under the BSL category, the court has ruled that there are no “guarantees” Lennox will “stay safe.” This means because of his looks Lennox will always present a danger to the public.
Victoria Stilwell, celebrity dog trainer and presenter of hit TV show “It’s Me Or The Dog” has openly spoken out in support of Lennox.
Celebrity Cesar Millan of the hit television show The Dog Whisper sent out this tweet yesterday, “I know about the Lennox situation. It’s a decision I truly don’t agree with. My team is working to find a better solution to help.”
Captain Rick Yocum of the NJSPCA released this statement today “Lennox's situation is dire and as I type this the Belfast Government is planning on their next steps in murdering Lennox although I think they refer to it as "Putting Lennox to Sleep" or (PTS) Actually putting an animal or child to sleep means turning out the lights, kissing them on the head and tucking them in nice and snug. PTS in this case will mean murdering an innocent pup who just because of his looks and possible breed was put in this unbelievable situation. Work is ongoing behind the scenes to yank Lennox out of that confinement. Please do not give up hope and continue to pray.”
The family of Lennox released this statement today “We would like to thank everyone for the countless messages that we have received in the last 24 hours during what is a very difficult time for our family and for the support we have had from so many since Lennox was seized in 2010.”
“The past two years have been extremely distressing for many reasons and we appreciate that this has been a very emotive case for dog lovers worldwide who have spoken out against the failings of Breed Specific Legislation. We take some comfort in the knowledge that we are not the only ones to be devastated by the recent ruling. We are in talks with our legal team and will make another statement in due course.”
The Save Lennox petition to release the POB has an unprecedented 134,818 signatures and counting. This is more signatures that have been gathered for any single BSL case to date.
Brook the 14 year old daughter of Caroline Barns has been the hardest hit by the BSL. Lennox has been Brook’s best friend most of her life and all of Lennox’s life. They have now been separated for more than 2 years.
BSL is extremely costly to the tax payers and has left many families devastated in the path of its destruction.
The family of a dog seized under the BSL, becomes a POB along with the dog. No one wins under BSL. The dog will sit in a cell sometimes for years as a piece of evidence, and its family will be confined to court dates that can stretch into years and empty their bank accounts.
Lennox has seen the inside of a kennel for over 2 years because of BSL. His health has come into question after pictures were leaked this year of his hair loss and bloated condition.
After the Belfast High Court’s ruling yesterday, Facebook the social network site came to a crawl at times with so many postings from Lennox followers.
The rumor Belfast had euthanized Lennox after the ruling had his followers in tears and disbelief, but with the rumor of Lennox’s health in question the public now seeks proof of life (POL).
What is the next step in this historic BSL case?
The family of Lennox will appeal to the Higher Court of England in hopes his case is accepted in their court.
How you can help?
If you live in America contact the President of the United States or your congressional leader asking for their support for the release of Lennox.
Contact the Companion Animal Welfare Council asking for their support.
Sign the Save Lennox petition.
U.S. Consulate Office in Belfast.
Contact your favorite Celebrity asking for their support.
Please keep all pleas for help respectful and dignified.
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Jen said...

My assumption was that the next step would be Lennox's euthanization. This was supposed to be the final appeal. Really, it's even worse to me that they let this drag out for two years. All along they've wanted to kill Lennox; I'm not sure why they even let the family hope that anything else could occur.

Perhaps a dispensation from the Queen herself would save him, as Northern Ireland is still a part of the UK? In honor of her Diamond Jubilee, as a dog lover, she could take steps to throw out the Dangerous Dogs Act that made this farce possible.

Hudson said...

Sadly as we both know there are so many dogs even in shelters scared to death and acting out so they never get let out of a cage and are scared and miserable because more than likely some human decided they didn't want the family pet anymore for one reason or another. We've heard them all and they all stem from self centeredness and lack of compassion. So sad......