Monday, April 27, 2015

Dr. Jeffrey Zolkiewicz Is My Hero & Favorite Vet ........

Friends, please join me in honoring a veterinarian who went far above the call of duty to help a dog who was the victim of a horrible crime!
A young dog named Ruby was hit by multiple shotgun blasts to her face and neck at short range by a teenager last year. She was taken by police officers from the Montgomery County Police Department (Official) in Maryland to Kindness Animal Hospital, where she was cared for by Dr. Jeffrey Zolkiewicz.

Dr. Z, as he was known to his clients, had never seen a gun injury before, let alone one so horrific, but he and his veterinary team put Ruby back together with multiple surgeries and the best of care.
Concerned because Ruby would need more surgeries in the future and because he worried her disfigured face would make her hard to adopt, he adopted her himself, turning a terrible tragedy into great love and joy.
Now Dr. Z's community is honoring him and Kindness Animal Hospital for this and other acts of charity they've done at the 31st Annual Wheaton & Kensington Chamber of Commerce Community Awards Banquet ( 
If you're local, I hope you'll attend and shake this hero's hand for me. If not, please post your comments here -- I'll make sure he sees them!

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