Saturday, April 11, 2015

Full prosecution for NFL player that starved dog until it passed away!

When authorities in Burlington, North Carolina received a tip about a possible animal neglect, they promptly went to investigate. They arrived at the house of Dwight Jones, a former New York Jets wide receiver only to find two pit bull mix dogs – one that had passed away, and one in extremely poor state of health. The surviving dog, severely malnourished, was removed and is now receiving intense treatment and is expected to recover. 
The other dog was not so lucky. He had not been fed for weeks and did not stand a chance of survival in front of his owner’s blatant neglect. No evidence of fights was found at the house. Authorities believe they are dealing with a severe form of neglect. Not only weren’t these dogs fed, they were forced to sit outside in freezing temperatures. 

Jones was an exceptional receiver at North Carolina University; however, he did not make it to the draft. He was signed by the Houston Texans in 2012, before ending up with the New York Jets from December 2013 to May 2014.
Jones’ experience in the NFL has to be cut short after what he did! There is no excuse for this type of behavior! He must fully face the consequences of his reckless actions.
Please sign the petition and urge the authorities to prosecute Jones to the fullest extent of the law. We, the undersigned, are strictly against a lighter sentence, simply because he is a professional athlete!

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