Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Demand Justice For Pit Pull Starved To Death on ForceChange ....

Target: Hamilton, Ohio Municipal Court Judge Daniel Gattermeyer
Goal: Demand that Elizabeth Lewis, a woman accused of starving her dog for a second time, be brought to justice.
Ohio resident Elizabeth Lewis was recently charged for starving her young pit bull, Bruiser, for the second time. The arrest came after a local resident reported an emaciated pit bull falling down the steps of Lewis’ apartment. Butler County Deputy Dog Warden Tonya Hanson responded to the report and had no choice but to order that the dog be taken to animal control and humanely euthanized. Hanson said it was the worst case of starvation she had seen in her 15 years of service. Bruiser was 10 months old.
What makes this incident truly sad is that it could have been avoided. In August 2012, Lewis was arrested and charged for the same crime, also involving Bruiser. He was only 4 months old at the time and weighed 17 pounds when he was rescued. Hamilton Municipal Court Judge Daniel Gattermeyer found Lewis not guilty. During the trial, Bruiser was cared for at Animal Friends Humane Society where he reached a healthy weight at 38 pounds. He was released back to Lewis after the trial.
Bruiser’s condition this time was so bad that Animal Friends Humane Society made a statement saying, “It was a miracle the dog could crawl out of the apartment. It couldn’t even stand. It was dying.” Lewis still denies she starved Brusier, stating that he had hereditary mange and refused to eat. If convicted she could receive up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine.
Bruiser’s death has already made national headlines and spurred several other petitions and social media pages that all hope to bring some meaning to his death. Please sign the petition below to demand that Lewis be brought to justice. Bruiser’s life could have been spared if only Judge Gattermeyer had found Lewis guilty the first time. This kind of negligence when it comes to animal cruelty trials must be stopped and Bruiser’s life should serve as an example. These cases cannot be treated as though there isn’t anything at stake.

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