Thursday, May 28, 2015

What To Do If You Purchase A Sick Dog From A Dog Breeder .....

I receive many complaints against dog breeders/puppy mills everyday from people asking me to share them on comments. I ask you to kindly put your first name and your last initial on these comments if you would be so kind enough. Also where I appreciate your input on these often times puppy millers kindly use the Bark Alert form on the Department of Agriculture site to report them also. I have all the numbers you can use to let the proper authorities know about your sick puppy. This is so critical for you to report them as the state needs your complaints to follow up on these people. It is SO IMPORTANT for you to take the time to make a report with the following organizations. Thank you so much for letting them know about your complaints. If you are not from Missouri go to your Department of Agriculture page and get in touch with the Humane Society as well as C.A.P.S.


  • If you suspect a PUPPY MILL contact immediately the Department of Agriculture 1-573-751-3076 1-573-751-3076
  • If you've purchased a sick puppy go to
  • Annoymously call the puppy mill tip line: 1-877-MILL-TIP or Humane SOciety of Missouri at 1-314-647-4400
  • Department of Agriculture               1-573-751-3076         1-573-751-3076

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