Friday, May 1, 2015

Free Copies Of DVD of Redemption ....

When I look at my cat Kenny, I often think about what would have happened to him if instead of calling us, the person who found him at 10 days old on an Oakland sidewalk took him to the shelter. No Kill’s conquest over the status quo cannot come fast enough for the three million animals still losing their lives in pounds and “shelters” every year. So, instead of selling the DVD of Redemption, my film about the No Kill revolution, the No Kill Advocacy Center, in partnership with No Kill Nation, is going to give it away: one copy to every rescue group and shelter in America. We’ve came up with a comprehensive list that is, well, significant in size.

As always, I am incredibly grateful for the generosity of Debi Day and her group No Kill Nation for their support. Though given the number of people who signed up to be notified of the film’s release, it is clear we will still sell quite a few (it will be soon be available for sale on Amazon for individuals and those rescue groups and shelters that want it faster than I can ship them), this probably helps explain why I am one of the few people in America who still drives a car with a manual window crank.
More info and sign up to be notified of the film's release:

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