Friday, May 15, 2015

Stop Breed-Specific Legislation in Chaffee, Missouri ....

Stop Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) in Chaffee, MO!
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Brittany Brewer
Chaffee, MO
I am a pit bull terrier owner living in Chaffee, MO, where there are very strict requirements to own a breed considered "dangerous" or "vicious." Please sign my petition to ask city officials to repeal its breed-specific legislation!
My family fell in love with my dog, Sophie, after finding her through the Humane Society. We already filed paperwork to adopt her when someone told us Chaffee might have breed-specific restrictions – and they were right.
Chaffee’s restrictions are incredibly burdensome and effect a whopping 18 dog breeds – despite the fact no evidence exists to support the assumption specific breeds pose a danger to the public.
Under Chaffee's requirements, “vicious” dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than 4 feet and muzzled at all times when out in public – even if they’ve never harmed anyone. The dogs must be kept in enclosures with strict and expensive requirements set forth by the city. The dogs are prohibited from being kept on a porch or patio or in a house with open windows and screen doors. 
Homeowners must display a “Beware of Dangerous Dog” sign on their property and purchase a $100,000 liability insurance policy. People who violate these unnecessary requirements can face up to a $500 fine and 30 days in jail.
Laws like these are unfair and only contribute to negative stereotypes of specific breeds. I believe a dog is only as good as their owner. Just like a child, if you raise a dog to be violent and aggressive, that is how they will act. Sweeping restrictions punish good dog owners and deter them from adopting these breeds, pushing more dogs into shelters.
Thank you,
 Brittany B.
Care2 petition author

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