Tuesday, July 28, 2015

If You Know Of Anyone Who Purchased A Sick Animal From The Family Puppy Susan Wants You To Contact Her & Puppy Mill Awareness of Southeast Michigan Is Trying To Help.....

Do you know that pet store in the Oakland Mall? They are Michigan's largest chain puppy store with locations in Novi, Flint and Toledo. Wall to wall puppies harbored by the malls. Well, they come from puppy mills too and shipping records show many of them arrive with illnesses or genetic problems. If you know anyone who has purchased a sick animal from The Family Puppy have them contact Susan at tfpboycott@aol.com.

QUARANTINE: The Family Puppy (Novi)

Throughout 2013, veterinarian Hilary Reinhold DVM of the La Grange Veterinary Clinic in Indiana examined 33 puppies with contagious ear mites and approved them to be shipped to The Family Puppy in Novi. Dr. Reinhold signed off on the required Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). Some of these contagious puppies were then shipped to the Oakland Mall (Troy), Genesee Valley (Flint) and Green Oaks Village (Brighton) and some stayed in Novi. These puppies were examined locally by the Novi Veterinary Clinis, Madison Veterinary Hospital, Pierson Pet Hospital and Griffith Animal Hospital. All of these clinics stated they did not see ear mites when asked by the Department of Agriculture.

Strange, huh?

Why would Dr. Reinhold write ear mites on the Veterinary Inspection Certificate if they did not HAVE ear mites?

Dr. Nancy Frank of the Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) states in Work Order #79115 that animals with contagious ear mites MUST complete treatments before coming into the state.

The MDA caught onto the regular shipments of puppies with ear mites in October of 2013 and visited the Novi store to check on seven puppies shipped by Enos Mullet on October 1st. By the end of October, The Family Puppy had already sold six of the seven puppies diagnosed with contagious ear mites. The remaining Pomeranian was quarantined the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

>> Ron Mehler DVM of the Novi Veterinary Clinic stated he examined two Pomeranians on October 2 and did not see ear mites.

>> Ronald Isaacson, DVM. founder of the Madison Veterinary Hospital stated he examined a Maltese/Yorkie on Oct 1 and did not see any ear mites.

>> Rodney Pierson, DVM of Pierson Pet Hospital (Davison) stated he examined a Shorkie and Pomeranian on Oct 2 and did not see any ear mites.

>> Barbara Griffith, DVM of Griffith Animal Hospital (Brighton) stated she examined a Pomeranian and Morkie on Oct 3 and did not see any ear mites.

Learn more about ear mites.

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