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Looking For Rescues To Help ......


Dear Rescue Partners and Friends of Rescue,

are animals needing rescue or adoption.  

Local transportation can usually be provided.

We receive a Potential Euth List twice a week from Jefferson County Animal Control.  If the animal is on it, this means the animal's stray hold time is up or there is no hold period due to owner surrender and IF it becomes necessary to euthanize for any reason, it is eligible.
You must have a Missouri Dept. of Ag Rescue License to pull as a rescue group from JCAC. 

NO PULL FEES at JCAC!!!! To tag an animal for rescue, please call JCAC directly - 636-797-5577

All reservations for rescue must be communicated DIRECTLY to JCAC by 4 p.m. the day before a scheduled euth date!!!
FACEBOOK: Get questions answered quicker on our Facebook Page!!! 

Animals included in this email are NOT professionally temperament tested by us. Any comments about behavior are just our observations.

Animals that have firm rescue commitments or bite cases usually are not included in this email.  This means there are usually more dogs/cats in the facility than pictured below. 

Link to JCAC's own adoptable and stray web site.  It updates in real time as the animals are put into the system.

PLEASE press on the Google Plus link (if included) for each animal to see more pictures!!!!


In general all dogs get bordatella and DHPP.  They have also been running fecal samples and worming.  If the vet has been there during the dog's stay, they will also get a rabies vaccination.  They may not get this care or vaccs if their age, health or temperament does not allow it. 

Animals off of stray hold on or before euth day are at risk even if not on euth list, IF the facility fills up.

"Logan" male, 4 yrs 1 mos old tan Boxer/Shep mix (black around muzzle) Dog 362011 AVAIL 6/30 Kimes Rd. Desoto
Our Pics:
Logan is so HANDSOME,, hes a little scared at first when you get him out of his run, but with a treat he comes right to you and once hes out he gives doggie licks and is a very sweet dog, he was nose to nose through the run with all the other dogs and did nothing but wag his tail. he seemed fine in the cat room and he also loves treats and he knows sit, sweet sweet dog... Tammy
This guy is a little unsure at A.C. but seems fine with other dogs. He was so scared to even go into the cat building and scared inside, it was hard to tell how he would be. He didn't seem interested in them though. Overall I think he is a good dog. He has a cute under bite. I think he just needs to be in a home and given a little time to settle in and he'll be a very sweet addition to the family. -Stacy
This sweet baby still needs out!  They changed his breed from Mastiff to Boxer/Shep probably because he's the size of a big boxer and he has an underbite!  


"Archie" male, 4 yrs 1 mos old black Labrador Retriever mix Dog 362890 Hawks Bluff Pacific AVAIL 7/3
Our Pics:
Everything about Archie says lab. His feet, his tail and coat are all lab! He's a nice big dog. He was fine in the cat bldg. He didn't seem to like other unneutered male dogs through the gates of the kennels. However a neuter can probably solve that issue. He was easy to redirect. -Stacy
Archie is still there and needing out.  He's a big hunk of a doggie and very sweet with people!  


"Boone" male, 3 yrs old black Labrador Retriever/ pittbull mix Dog 363215
WNER SURRENDER -  Boone came into his former owner's yard as a stray about a month ago. He and the owner's unneutered male Boston Terrier did not get along well with each other from the beginning. There was an altercation between the 2 dogs, the Boston Terrier died and Boone was then surrendered to the shelter. His owner says that Boone is very friendly with people and did well with her 2 children. He is crate trained and almost house broken. The shelter staff tested him across the runs yesterday with the other dogs. He did fine and showed little reaction to the other dogs who were barking at him and showed no food aggression. Boone may do fine with other female dogs and neutered males his size.
Our Pics:
Boone was great yesterday at the shelter, hes very loving and he was nose to nose with Logan and all he did was wag his tail. and while in the cat room for 10 minutes he did not even mind being in with the cats, he went to look at a few on the bottom cages and didnt even act like they were in the room, so I am guessing he would be ok with cats. hes a very friendly boy and loves to be handled.. Tammy
I try to be conservative with my assessments of the animals because the shelter environment effects each animal so differently.  I don't claim to be an expert on behavior but I've been doing this for many years and well it's really hard for me to believe that this dog hurt another dog. I know anything is possible, but he is so calm and nice. I took him by all the other dogs big and small, no reaction. There was a big male dog and little female dog that were cage reactive to him and he did not care. The other dog must have been really pushing it with him or maybe it was a freak accident. He was fine in the cat bldg. too. He was a gentle treat taker. I really like this dog. -Stacy

"Tessie" Female,3Yr old white Terrier mix (tan spots on face) Dog 363390 Stonywold Dr Imperial AVAIL 7/7
Our Pics:
The shelter staff reports that Tessie is settling in at the shelter and now comes to the front of her run with her tail wagging to greet them. She is still shy, but is warming up to their attention, allows them to handle her without difficulty now, and seems to do well with the other dogs across their runs.
This little girl stole my heart. At first she was scared and growling at the other dogs as they walked by. It took a little finessing her to get her out. I had to lure her to the inside portion of her run and close the guillotine door and then get in her run with her and throw her snacks and show her I meant no harm. It didn't take very long. Once I got the leash on her and her out of her run she was fine. She knew I had the good snackies.  She was then delightful. Jumping on her hind legs and smiling all the while. When I took her back into the kennels, I walked her past all the dogs and she was fine with them and any dogs I brought by her kennel after that she was fine with. She was also fine in the cat bldg. When I got in her kennel with her to take the leash off, I crouched down and she jumped on my legs and gave me a kiss and a hug like don't leave me here. She's a sweet little dog that's just a little scared at A.C. I hope someone gives her a chance. -Stacy

"Carlotta" Female,3 Yr old tri colored Beagle dog 363763 Vine St. in Imperial AVAIL 07/9
Our Pics:
This poor baby looks like she has had a rough time of it. The story is some guy found her in his hen house killing chickens. She was so covered in ticks and fleas that she was anemic and that is why she is rescue only. She seems sweet and needs some groceries. She's actually missing the edge of her right ear probably from fly strikes? -Stacy

RESCUE ONLY! - medical skin allergies and ear and dental issues

"Buddy" NEUTERED!! male,6 year 3 mos old black Cocker Spaniel 245058 AVAIL 7/8 OWNER SURRENDER
Intake:  Buddy was owner surrendered to the shelter today because his owner died and his family is not able to pay for his medical care. Buddy is Rescue Only" because he has atopic or allergic dermatitis that is also causing inflammation and pain in his outer ears. He is being treated for this condition at the shelter, but will need follow-up treatment through a rescue, as well as a grain free diet. Buddy is a sweet pup who seems to be good with other dogs and ignore cats. 

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