Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wally Goes From Rags To Riches & Wins The Doggie Lottery !!!

 Meet Wally.....
His original owners brought him and a box of his siblings up to a Walmart and gave them away to a free home and anyone who said they wanted one with no questions asked. They just wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible. Poor little guy was scared to death. A women took Wally and kept him about a week until she had been reported by neighbors for leaving him just run wild through their mobile home park which was right by a busy street. Wally was only 6 weeks old at this time. Yes you heard me right 6 weeks old and taken from his mom. Finally the women gave him away and thank God a rescue stepped in. They took him twice to their vet before adopting him out. He was given 2 sets of worm medicine, flea medicine, microchipped and neutered along with getting him started on his set of puppy shots.
 He was spoiled rotten in the fosters home with their family and pets until they found just the right home for him.
 This dear man and his beautiful wife drove over a hour each way to rescue him and transport him to his fosters house. They dropped everything they were doing that day to come to this dogs rescue. It truly takes a village to rescue some of these animals. Then this wonderful man adopted little Wally and the little pup doesn't realize it yet but he just won the Doggie Lottery in this new home. He will be spoiled rotten the rest of his life, will go to work with this kind man three days a week, has a big size fenced in yard and will go on walks daily with his new owner.
Thank God for rescues and all the people who open their homes and hearts up to rescuing animals in need. 
A huge thanks goes out to all the kind people today who don't shop for dogs but rather ADOPT and RESCUE. Please always considering adopting as it makes you feel so good and Puppy Mill dogs aren't purebreds they are inbreds in this modest little dog's opinion.

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