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Municipalities that have passed laws banning pet store puppy sales United States:
  1. Glendale, CA
  2. City of Dana Point,
2011 2012
It's unanimous: Glendale City Council to ban pet store sales of dogs and cats City Council Passes Dog, Cat Sales Ban, Sterilization Rule Ordinances
One proposal would ban the retail sales of cats and dogs in the city-- would help relieve animal overcrowding and euthanasia. One would prohibit retail sales of cats and dogs in the city (which currently doesn’t have such an operation). The other would require spaying or neutering of animals that are repeatedly impounded
3. South Lake Tahoe, CA
2009; takes effect in 2011
No pups for sale? Cities ban pet shops
4. Hermosa Beach, CA
2010 2010
Hermosa Beach Ban Takes Action to Curb Puppy Mill Abuses Council Votes on Pet Shop Ban
5. West Hollywood, CA 9.50.020 Retail Sale of Dogs and Cats.
bans within city limits
6. Irvine, CA
Irvine City Council Votes To Ban Pet Sales, Circuses
7. Albuquerque, NM
8. Austin, TX
The two stores in the city that had sold dogs and cats now work with rescue groups to offer pets for adoption,
Petland to close as city moves on ban
Ban cat and dog sales at retail shops in Irvine, make neutering and spaying of cats and dogs mandatory, and bar traveling animal entertainment acts such as circuses, petting zoos and rodeos from coming to town.
The Irvine Company said it will no longer lease new space to retailers selling dogs and cats at any of its retail centers.

Cities banning retail sale of dogs, cats
City banned sale of all “companion animals” and reported that euthanasia at city shelters subsequently decreased by 35%.
Austin may ban retail pet salespage2image16992 page2image17152 page2image17312 page2image17472 page2image17632 page2image17792 page2image17952 page2image18112 page2image18272 page2image18432 page2image18592 page2image18752
9. El Paso, TX
2010; takes effect 2011
El Paso City Council Amends Pet Sale Ban Proposal
10. Lake Worth, FL
Under the new ordinance:
• Dogs and cats under eight weeks old cannot be sold.
• No person, retail establishment or animal welfare organization may sell or transfer a dog or cat that is under one year of age for a profit. The animal can only be transferred for a price that is based on certain actual expenses incurred, such as veterinary care, food, shelter, spay/neuter, applicable permit fees and microchip and registration fees.
• However, a retail establishment may from Jan. 1, 2011 through March 31, 2011 sell a dog or cat under the age of one year that is documented to have been in the retail establishment’s possession in El Paso on Dec. 31, 2010 at a price not to exceed the charge or amount advertised/posted for each dog or cat on Dec. 31, 2010.
Lake Worth City Commission To Ban Pet Stores Selling Puppy Mill Puppies
To remedy this problem, the ordinance would require the posting of signs advising the origin of the dogs and cats being offered for sale and "certificates of source" detailing where the animal came from. Only dogs and cats bred on the premises would be allowed to be offered for sale, as well as those coming from rescue organizations.
Bans dogs only.

  1. Coral Gables, FL
  2. Lauderdale Lakes, FL
2011 2011
section 10-36 13. Flagler Beach, FL section 5-17
2011 2011?
Prohibit the sale or disposition of live animals for "commercial gain" or "other commercial purpose".
14. North Bay Village, FL section 91.11
Bans dogs only.
15. Opa-Locka, FL section 5-35
Bans dogs only.
16. Fountain, CO
New ordinance designed to encourage adoption of companion animals
(C) A person commits an offense if the person sells, trades, barters, leases, rents, gives away, or displays for a commercial purpose a live animal on a roadside, public right-of- way, or commercial parking lot, or at an outdoor special sale, swap meet, flea market, parking lot sale, or similar event.
On May 24, the city of Fountain, Colorado, passed an ordinance banning the sale of cats and dogs in public places, including pet stores, city streets, parking lots, flea markets, store exteriors and fairs. Animals can still be adopted from area shelters and rescues for the applicable feepage3image36400 page3image36560 page3image36720 page3image36880 page3image37040 page3image37200 page3image37360 page3image37520 page3image37944 page3image38104 page3image38264 page3image38424 page3image38584 page3image38744 page3image38904 page3image39064 page3image39224 page3image39384 page3image39544 page3image39704 page3image39864 page3image40024 page3image40184 page3image40344 page3image40504 page3image40664 page3image40824 page3image40984 page3image41144 page3image41304 page3image41464 page3image41624 page3image42048 page3image42472 page3image42632 page3image42792 page3image42952 page3image43112 page3image43272
17. Huntington Beach, 2012 CA
Whether or not the one pet store in the city selling cats and dogs will continue to be able to do so in 2012 is still under consideration.
H.B. OKs pet sales ban with 2-year phaseout
Council members voted 4-3 to give the city's two pet stores two years to phase out selling cats and dogs. After that, pet stores will be allowed to sell pets as long as they come from reputable shelters or rescue organizations.
  1. Los Angeles, CA 2012
  2. Hallandale, FL 2012
Goes into effect 12/12, 6 month grace period.
20. Laguna Beach, CA 2012
Laguna Beach Bans Puppy Mills
California Town May Ban Retail Sales of Dogs, Cats Point Beach Outlawing Dog and Cat Sales

21. Chula Vista, CA 2012
22. Point Pleasant Beach, 2012 NJ
23. Alisa Viejo, CA 2012
24. Brick, NJ 2012
Brick enacts ordinance to ban pet stores from selling dogs, cats Manasquan OKs ban on sale of dogs and cats
25. Manasquan, NJ 2012
26. Burbank, CA 2012 (Title 5-1-1439)
Burbank group fights puppy mills
27. Hoboken, NJ 2013 Canada:
28. Richmond, 2010 Vancouver
The ban only applies within the city limits of Toronto (not greater Toronto area).
  1. Toronto, Canada 2011
  2. The Rosemont-La 2011
Draft the ordinance prohibiting the retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores
Hallandale cracks down on puppy mill sales at pet shops
HSI Canada Applauds Rosemont-La Petite Patrie, Montreal’s First Borough to Ban the

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Petite Patrie borough Sale of Animals in Pet Stores of Montreal
31. Mississauga 2012 Humane Society International/Canada Applauds City of Mississauga for Restricting the Commercial Sale of Dogs and Cats in Pet Stores
32. New Westminster 2012 

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