Friday, June 19, 2015

Homeless man fallen on hard times refuses to surrender his senior dog to shelter by

In an outrageous and extremely emotional situation, an articulate man who has recently fallen on hard times, continues to be denied a temporary shelter to live and sleep in Hollywood, Florida because he has a dog. Each and every shelter has given the man two options; turn your dog into Animal Control or go away.
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A Way for a Stray
Can someone help this dog and his homeless owner find a place to live together?
A Way for A Stray
Ironically, as social media fills up with senior dogsdumped at shelters across the United States, how can it be that a homeless man, who has had his black Labrador retriever for 12-years, refuses to surrender her to a shelter and would otherwise sleep under a bridge? He knows his dog would have no chance of being adopted; she's a senior and black.
The volunteer, with the rescue group, A Way for a Stray, saved Dessie, a surrendered senior dog, on Tuesday from Miami-Dade Animal Services. The dog's story went viral; more of the plight of senior dogs touched animal lovers both here and abroad. Today, they reached out to the National Pet Rescue Examiner asking for help:
"Our volunteer was outraged and heartbroken to hear this story. He called EVERY homeless shelter he could find. He called churches and every charity he donates to... Not one offered to help. The only homeless shelter that allows pets is in Homestead FL (over 75 miles away), and he was ready to drive this man and his dog down, when the shelter said they would not accept them because they are in Broward Florida, which is another county. The Humane Society of Broward told our volunteer to take the dog to Animal Services and be done with this."
The situation only became worse as the volunteer went into Walmart to purchase supplies for both the man and his dog. When the local police came by, they warned the homeless man and the volunteer not to make any messes, or they would require him to leave the area.
"How can we encourage people to keep their pets when no one is willing to help those that do not want to give up on their loved ones?," the organization asked on Facebook earlier today.
A Way for a Stray is asking for help for this man and his dog. Are there any shelters who can help? Are there any suggestions as to what can be done to ensure this man and his dog are kept together?
Please share this desperate story of a dog owner who, despite the lousy position in life now presented to him, still wants to make sure his dog is safe.
CAUTION: There have been no approved fundraisers by A Way for A Stray. Readers are warned not to donate any funds through a GoFundMe account recently set up. It is a fraudulent account stating they represent the rescue organization. Authorities have been notified.

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