Friday, June 12, 2015

You've Got To Love The Thousands of Facebook Sites and Organizations Who Work Tirelessly To Help Animals In Need

Becoming We Love Rescue Pets has been a tremendous amount of work. Yesterday our rescue of 28 adult dogs was a result of our determination to stay focused on what matters most, saving the lives of our best friends in need. Now these amazing animals are safe to live their lives as they should, provided the care they need, receiving the love they deserve.
Here are some of the photos from our rescue. we will be putting together more information on our work the next 2 days. Just imagine if more people decided to help the animals from both sides what extraordinary results would be achieved. A former protestor of our store, prior to becoming a rescue, met to help transport animals with us. Seeing what can be done please ask yourself, am I helping this to get better for animals or am I unwilling to accept change? My name is Michael Gill and I owned pet stores that sold animals for years and created We Love Rescue Pets. I know many of you out there can help if you truly understood how much you are lied to. As pet store owners it is our responsibility to do what is right and end suffering not support it. 
You can do amazing things if you just believe it's possible. It's not easy but seeing this how can you believe we are doing what's right? Please join We Love Rescue Pets in showing people how much each of us can make a difference.

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