Thursday, June 4, 2015

This Is What Can Happen When You Rope Tie Your Dog Outside .....

This poor dog was saved by Hope Rescues and is getting much needed medical attention. Any donations towards her bill would be greatly appreciated and very much needed. It is a tax deduction as well.
WARNING GRAPHIC PICTURES: This is the 9 month old dog that was rescued today with a serious injury to her neck in Alton. She is at our vet now in surgery to close the deep gash in her neck.
Using a rope as a collar is dangerous to your dog and in the state of Illinois a crime, the police are involved and this is being treated as such.
Sadly this is what people in rescue see way too often. Please don't adopt or buy a dog unless you are ready for the lifetime commitment and love of these precious innocent creatures who just want to love you !!!

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