Friday, June 5, 2015

What Is Your Motivation ???

The problem with Puppy Millers and People who have spend their life profitting off animals with little to no regard for the simplest of pleasures for these animals they are breeding is they try to intimidate and scare everyone who are CONCERNED about these poor animals.  It would serve them well to spend positive energy trying to help make the life of animals in their facilities better and loving....... or at the very least not a miserable existence. So when anyone calls them out in the slightest way rather than doing a bit of inventory on their lives they resort to bullying and intimidation thinking this will solve the problem. Sadly they don't realize this only fuels the fire of those who have nothing to gain from their passion of helping animals who don't have a voice. When you look at the motivation behind actions of people lets see:

Motivation of a Puppy Miller:  $$$$$$$$
Motivation of a animal lover: Better treatment of animals in our world with no self serving motivation other than this.

Given the fact that motivation is what drives us God help the individuals who spend their lives full of such negative, fear based actions rather than actions based in love. It would serve many well who have embedded in the PUPPY MILL INDUSTRY that went astray many years ago to stop being so defensive and paranoid but rather look at ways you could help your industry. Many industries have had to do this and their image was salvage because of their prompt constructive actions. Obsessing over blogs and organizations who try to shed a light on this issue isn't the answer and is getting them nowhere. I suggest WEED OUT the bad seeds and start trying to clean out the puppy mills and people will respect you so much more. People Love Their Pets and NOW people from every walk of life are aware of puppy mills. Very influential people now are on this bandwagon  and won't back down so the time has come to WEED OUT THE PUPPY MILLERS for the sake of animals suffering so much. 

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