Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Puppy Millers Should Pay ATTENTION TO THIS ....

It just continues to amaze all of us in rescue and animal welfare why you spend so much time obsessing over what animal organizations are doing, what Facebook sites devoted to shutting down puppy mills ( and there are thousands upon thousands of them) are doing, what blogs ( and there are literally thousands upon thousands of them everywhere as well) that are devoted to educated people on puppy mills are doing rather than DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE to make your MILLS a kinder place for the animals that suffer so terribly at your hands. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT ONE DAY YOU WILL MEET YOUR MAKER & have to justify your inhumane, cruelness to defenseless animals who have no voice in this life of hell they are being forced to live. Open your hearts before it is too late for your industry as well as your soul. You just don't seem to get the fact that your industry is getting a horrible reputation that you can CHANGE but you would rather go on the defense rather than try to CLEAN UP THE BAD PUPPY MILLS. If you put your energy into trying to take care of the animals you are making your $$$$$ off of you would see that this is the way to REAL CHANGE and the ONLY WAY !!! Instead so many puppy millers try to intimidate anyone who shines any light whatsoever in their direction. Sadly this will be your demise as you just don't get it and it is so simple. 
Treat animals in your care with kindness and GET RID OF THE PUPPY MILLERS !!! 
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out but yet you spend so many hours in such non productive behavior that is so full of paranoia and fear. 
Try looking inward and doing some serious self inventory. 
Some of these puppy millers even claim to be religious which is such a joke.  Being the caretakers of this earth requires us to be KIND to others including animals.
You've already lost this battle to sustain yourself financially off the backs of innocent, defenseless animals but you don't even see it. Pet Stores are no longer wanted in our society as county after county across our country they are banning them or protesting them regularly. Craigslist is all over puppy millers for trying to sell dogs on their site. People are more educated and seldom are meeting you but insisting instead want to see where the parent dogs live and how they are being treated. Better yet more and more people are turning to RESCUING as it makes them feel so good. The only way to fix your reputation which means more to you than the animals is to

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