Saturday, February 14, 2015

Davidson County Animal Shelter Gets Rid Of Gas Chamber

I had a great time at the Davidson Co. Animal Shelter on Saturday taking a good swing at the (Death) Gas Chamber. This method of gassing animals to a horrible death was used in many N.C. counties for years. Hundred if not thousands of adorable animals were killed in this chamber alone. A new North Carolina law will go into effect on February 15th outlawing the gas chamber as a method to euthanasia for animals. DCAS has already made the switch. The law mandates that lethal injection must be used in all 100 N.C. counties as the legal method. This method is much more humane.

On January 1st 2015 the United Animal Coalition which also operates the Guilford Co. Animal Shelter took over the operations of the Davidson Co. Animal Shelter. Already wonderful and very positive changes are taking place at DCAS. Increased adoptions, fewer euthanasia cases, and increased public awareness of the adorable animals that are ready to be adopted at DCAS. Residents of Davidson County now have a shelter they can be proud of, not ashamed of. 

A "BIG THANK YOU" to Marsha Williams, Director of the Guilford Co. Animal Shelter and her hard working staff in making these positive changes a reality at DCAS! Her tireless efforts are making a difference for animal welfare in our community! -Ed 

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