Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dog rescued after being nailed up inside of wooden box for days

Still alive after being nailed up inside of box
Still alive after being nailed up inside of box
Screen shot CBS News/Ghetto Rescue
A dog who was nailed up in total darkness, confined to a stark, wooden dog house which was dumped alongside a street in South Los Angeles, California, was rescued on Wednesday reported CBS Los Angeles.
The dog, a shepherd mix, bore scars on his body from a sad former life, but it was the evidence emotional trauma that nearly brought volunteers with Ghetto Rescue Foundation to tears. Alison Featherstone with the rescue agency stated:
He was just cowered in the back, his head hanging down,”
According to a homeless person in the area, the dog had been locked inside of the nailed up box for three days - someone had taken pity on him and ripped the wood on the front of the rudimentary house off...otherwise the dog would have perished in his makeshift coffin.
The rescue agency is hoping to find a foster home to take the dog, dubbed "Walter Worthy Higgins," to in order for him to recuperate from the physical wounds and more importantly, the emotional trauma he sustained from being thrown away like unwanted garbage.

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