Thursday, February 5, 2015

So YOU Want Us To Believe Puppies Are Not Just Products In Your Mind...

How absolutely sick that puppies are funding their legal battle at the expense of the poor momma dogs churning out puppies for them to profit off of and living more times than not in horrible conditions that would make the average animal lover come to tears. 

NYPWA needs to see 10 Pet Stores with 
donated puppies by the end of this week.

The 4th puppy has been donated   
to US PETS    
by Shadow Kennel     

1st donated puppy sent to Zoo Rama Pets, Private Breeder 
2nd  donated puppy sent to Empire Puppies  Donated by Distributor Mike
3rd donated puppy sent to Arcadia Pets Donated by The Hunte Corporation (11 pledged)

A message from  NYPWA President :
Wait a minuteI would like to "Thank Everyone" involved as we go forward with  the legal action against New York City.
We NEED to keep raising money for this battle and for now its going to be by selling donated puppies.
We have 4 puppies donated so far. That's a great start, but  I would like to see 10 puppies donated this week and at least 40 in total.
We need everyone's help.  Please make it your number one priority to call your breeder and/or broker right away ! ! !
Everyone knows -  this is our lives and our stores at stake.
Thank You,   
If you have any questions about the puppy donation program please call:

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