Monday, February 16, 2015

This Dog Died Of Hypothermia at a Nebraska Puppy Mill Last Month on a 4 Degree Day .....

THIS DOG IS DEAD. She died of hypothermia at a Nebraska puppy mill last month on a 4 degree day. This gorgeous female German Shepherd registered only 20 heartbeats per minute, her extremities were cold to the touch, and her temperature did not even register on a thermometer. She was lethargic and unable to get up. A re-inspection two days later found two more dogs exposed to the elements with no shelter on a 6 degree day. The breeder is still in business. Photos and reports of the breeding facility, owned by Jonathan Oswald, of Milford Nebraska were obtained from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

LEGISLATIVE CALL TO ACTION - Below is a summary of the four bills that will be heard at the State Capitol in Lincoln, Nebraska on Tuesday February 17th at 1:30 p.m. Room 1524. Please attend in support of the dogs suffering in puppy mills. RSVP on our Facebook page - or you can RSVP to
LB 359 – Raises license dog fees for pet’s owned by individuals by .25 cents to help fund the Dog and Cat Program. The fee is currently $1.00 and would go to $1.25. HUA supports this change but will suggest that the fee be raised to $2.00 or $3.00 to help ensure that the department can improve and thrive, and provide them a cushion for funding necessary to enforce the regulations and law to the fullest extent when substandard breeding facilities are found.
LB 360 – Provides a definition for “Significant threat to the health or safety of dogs or cats.” Also changes language relating to fees and inspections. HUA opposes this bill but would support it with amended language. The proposal for the definition of significant threat to health or safety is weak and is likely to make the law and regulations even more difficult to enforce. It sets the threshold so high that many cases where dogs would literally be on death’s door would be excluded and not provided necessary assistance or intervention. We will also address food, water and sanitation requirements, as they are also weak and unenforceable as written. We will ask that daily fines be imposed for breeders found to be operating without a license.
LB 389 – Changes license and inspection fees to help fund the program, which is facing a $30,000 to $40,000 shortfall. HUA supports the increase in license and inspection fees to help fund the program. We will suggest additional language regarding inspection and reporting requirements.
LB 377 – Changes language regarding seizure of animals from substandard facilities, making it less cost prohibitive for the department to order seizures, putting the financial burden on the owner of the substandard facility. HUA will support this bill if language is changed to prohibit the sale of seized animals at public auction. We will also suggest that the portion that states animals may be humanely destroyed be changed to require the opinion of a veterinarian for law enforcement. Currently it states that the determination for euthanasia can be made by law enforcement alone.
Link to full bills on the hearing schedule (click the bill number to see the full bill):…

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