Thursday, February 12, 2015

Description of what a PUPPY MILL DOG goes through ......

What is hell?

Our faith calls "hell" the condition of final separation from God. Anyone who sees love clearly in the face of God and, nevertheless, does not want it decides freely to have this condition instead.

Jesus, who knows what hell is like, speaks about it as the "outer darkness" (Mt 8:12). Expressed in our terms, it is cold rather than hot. 

It is horrible to contemplate a condition of complete rigidity and hopeless isolation from everything that could bring aid, relief, joy, and consolation into one's life. This last part of the description of hell my friends is what I would call a PUPPY MILL. These poor dogs suffer everyday and have truly given up. I have see it time and time again in their eyes. They are broken down and afraid to death of humans. There is no excuse to treat an animal this way. I don't mean to sounds harsh but....

ADOPT DON"T SHOP....It makes you feel so good to rescue

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