Thursday, February 26, 2015

Legislative Update in Missouri .....

Legislative Update

NEWS FROM THE STATE CAPITOL:  We’re over six weeks into the legislative session, and things are really starting to hop at the capitol.  I’m working daily to fight a number of bills that will weaken our animal cruelty laws here in Missouri.  Here are a few bills I wanted to bring to your attention: 

HB 79- This bill has been filed several years in a row.  It makes significant negative changes to Missouri’s disposition hearing/bonding laws on animal cruelty cases, and leaves law enforcement with no choice but to leave animals in the hands of their abusers. 

HB 998- This bill would allow judges to order a psychiatric evaluation for anyone found guilty of animal abuse or neglect, and would require the evaluation for any act that involved mutilation or torture. 

SBs 163 & 180These bills filed in the senate create a tax credit for Missouri residents who adopt a pet from a shelter in Missouri. 

STANDING INVITATION:  Join me at the Capitol!  If you live near or are traveling to Jefferson City, let me know and I’ll arrange meetings for you with your Representative and Senator.   I’ll coach you on how to make the most of these meetings and I’ll gladly accompany you, if you wish.  If you can’t make it to Jefferson City, I’m happy to give you tips on setting up an in-district meeting with your elected officials.   In short, I’ll do anything I can to help make legislative advocacy more accessible and natural for you, because that’s the arena in which we score big wins for animals.   So please take me up on my offer, and let me know if you have any questions about these bills, or any other bill filed this year.

WHO REPRESENTS YOU?: You can use this link to find out who represents you in Missouri and at the federal level. 

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