Friday, February 13, 2015

Dog tries to comfort broke-hearted owner surrender at animal control facility......

Broken inside
Broken inside
Via Friends of North Central Shelter
A dog who was surrendered by her family to the North Central Shelter in Los Angeles, California, is emotionally shattered inside. The devastated dog, named "Miley," was put into a play group earlier this week and all that she could do was press her face to a wall...too depressed to interact or make an attempt to have fun.
The broken-hearted dog received comfort from another dog...Marley, another owner surrendered dog, opted out of romping and playing to lay by the side of the depressed dog who was too sad to raise her head.
Both dogs are urgently in need of help. Miley is wounded to her soul by the loss of her owner and Marley, who is obviously compassionate and empathetic, is dealing with homelessness for a second time - whoever dumped her at the facility had adopted her from the same shelter two years ago.
Please take a moment to help share the following information - these two special dogs are in need of a new home.
  • Petharbor link for Marley (the compassionate friend) here
  • Petharbor link for Miley (the broken hearted dog) here...of note - please see the joyous smile on Miley's face in the Petharbor photo, which was taken before she knew that she was being left behind
  • North Central Animal Care and Control Center at (888) 452-7381
  • Facebook thread here
  • North Central LA City shelter; 3201 Lacy St., Los Angeles, CA; 213-485-5767
  • Owner surrenders are not provided with much time before they are put down - time is of the essence for both dogs
  • Please direct ALL calls to the facility - the National Dog News Examiner is NOT the contact

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