Saturday, February 28, 2015

How I Found My Dog Finding A Four-Legged Clover ........

A year ago today, I had to say goodbye to my sweet Clover, an American Eskimo mix dog that I had rescued in summer 2000. I think about her everyday, and usually it brings tears to my eyes as I miss her. I hope that one day her memory makes me smile instead of cry. Here are photos of her throughout her years with me. Several years ago I submitted a "How I met my dog" story for a magazine contest. (It was selected as a runner-up!) Here is that story. I hope you enjoy it. 

How I found my dog
Finding a four-legged Clover

The piece of white paper floating across the road caught my eye. As I watched, the piece of paper grew legs. I realized I was seeing a white dog chase a truck down the middle of the street. 
My drive to work that morning became a race to save a life as I followed them, praying no vehicles would hit her. The truck pulled into a parking lot. I pulled in behind and called to the dog. She ran to me happily. 
I opened my car door and she jumped into the driver’s seat. I tried to motion her to the passenger seat so I could get in, but she stayed put. I knew that many dogs of her breed, American Eskimo, don’t like to be pushed around. I gently pushed her over. To my surprise she went willingly into the other seat. She looked up at me with a happy, smiling face – and I fell in love. 
In my office building I gave her a hard-boiled egg. She eagerly ate, then stood on her hind legs and did a cute dance, begging for more. 
I felt this dog belonged with me. I even had a name for her already – Clover – just like the sweet-smelling white flowers that filled my backyard every summer.
I took her into my office and called the city’s animal control officer, whom I knew. He recognized the dog. She’d been out running before. He called her owner and to my horror, he wanted her back. The owner kept her on a chain during the day but brought her in at night. My heart broke to think of that sweet dog at the end of a chain. 
When the animal control officer came to pick her up I asked him to please call me if she ever needed a home. Then I went into my office and cried. 
The animal control officer told me the owner’s address, and I found myself periodically driving past the house, trying to see her. She lived on the wrong side of the tracks – literally. Used appliances, car parts and other odd items littered yards. If I’d seen her I don’t know what I would have done. I just knew that if nothing was done, she was going to end up dead. I did the only thing I could legally do – I prayed for her safety. 
Two months later the animal control officer called me. Did I remember that white dog? Yes, of course I did. He explained that she’d been picked up again and had been at a rural animal shelter for the past five weeks. Her owner had been notified but this time they required him to pick her up and pay a fee. They hadn’t heard from him. Could I take her in? He wanted an answer immediately. My husband was out of town for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t hesitate. Yes, I’d take her. 
Clover has filled my life with companionship and happiness for ten years. She’s been my partner in agility, tracking, and obedience classes, and we’ve gone on pet therapy visits. I know that finding a four-leafed clover may be lucky, but finding and rescuing a four-legged Clover adds a sweetness to life that I could not have found anywhere else.
Hudson has had the privilege of knowing this wonderful women and her gorgeous daughter and mother. They are amazingly kind, loving & passionate souls that he is proud to call friends !!!

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