Saturday, February 28, 2015

Neglected senior dogs rescued, adopted and then returned to shelter ....

Freedom and Liberty
Freedom and Liberty
Terra Haute Humane Society
In early December, two senior Labrador retrievers were adopted from the Terre Haute Humane Society in Indiana. Two months before, the dogs had been seized from a neglectful owner and at that time, both were suffering from skin issues and starvation.
Unfortunately, the perfect "happy tail" was not meant to be. Not long ago, the dogs were returned to the shelter; the shelter wrote:
...bad news is that Freedom and Liberty are back here at the shelter.
It was determined that Freedom barked too frequently, and one or both of the dogs has problems with house-training - as such, an apartment setting has been deemed inappropriate for the pair. On the upside, the dogs appear to be fine with cats.
Please take a moment to network, once again, on behalf of these deserving seniors. Those who are interested in adopting these two dogs are asked to visit the Terre Haute Humane Society website and fill out an adoption application!
Link to Freedom's website profile here.
Link to Liberty's website profile here.
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