Monday, February 16, 2015

God Bless This Young Lady Heather Out Of Texas Who Took The Time TO Care For This Poor Dog......

Is this your dog??
Dear Irresponsible Dog Owner,
Is this your dog? Some kids told me he lived on Main Blvd, tomball, off FM 2920. I know it's hard to tell what he looks like through the blood on his face and since he's all wrapped up and strapped down. In case you are wondering where he went, he died in my arms on Valentines Day at 1:16 am. In case you care, which I doubt, he was running across FM 2920 (the busiest road in tomball with a 55mph speed limit) at 10pm Friday the 13th. I barely missed hitting him with my truck, but turned around to make sure he got help to safety. In those 30 seconds it took me to turn my truck around, someone hit him. I thought he was dead in the middle of the road until he lifted his head. No one stopped but me. The same kids that told me he lived on Main Blvd, kids that were too young to be out past dark wandering the streets, had scared him back into the road and watched him get hit. They obviously knew the dog, and it seemed intentional if you ask me. I pulled into the middle of the road and my friend and I wrapped him in my jacket and put him with her in the backseat where she comforted him all the way to the Animal ER while he bled all over my $70,000 truck.

 But YOUR dog was more important to me than my interior. In case you care, your dog was a complete sweetheart even though he was in enormous pain due to your negligence. I then spent the next 4 hours in the ER with your dog. He had a severely broken leg and bruised, swollen, fluid filled lungs, in case you were wondering. Again, just in case you were wondering, I know about the leg that was broken through the growth plate and about the lung damage (oh yeah, can't forget the head trauma also) because of the 400ish dollars I spent on radiographs for your dog. And of course he had no tags or identification of any kind so I became responsible for YOUR dogs life and the $780 final vet bill for him. The vet also informed me he was only about 8 months old, by the way. Through your irresponsibility I had to become responsible for your dogs health and future. I didn't ask for that responsibility nor did I want it, but you failed your dog. I sat with your dog for hours going through diagnostics trying to determine if he could recover. I petted your dog and comforted him so he didn't feel abandoned. I cried over your dog for an hour while I struggledto make a decision based on what was best for a dog I'd only just met when I was scraping him off the asphalt a few hours earlier. I had to be strong enough to say the words and tell the vet to euthanize your dog and end his suffering. I sobbed while I tried to let him know that I loved him and I was there for him when you weren't, and I held his head until he took his last breath. I'll never even know his name, but I loved him because you failed him. He should have been growing up safe, healthy, and warm at home, not scared and running through busy roads at night. He didn't deserve that, none of them do. And you didn't deserve him. You may have had him first, but he was MY dog when his heart stopped beating. 

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